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Peggy Emch

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About This Book

A Mother’s Guide to Achieving Beauty through Excellent Health

In Primal Moms Look Good Naked, Peggy Emch challenges conventional pregnancy wisdom – that the fate of pregnant women and new mothers is ugly and undesirable – and explains how nutrition and fitness can reduce or even eliminate most of the embarrassing signs new mothers go to extremes to cover up.

Supported by scientific research, observational accounts of traditional peoples, and her own journey into vibrant health, Emch explains how a beautiful pregnant body is a reflection of the mother’s and baby’s good health. Each chapter focuses on a different common pregnancy complaint, identifies causes, and details ways to prevent and repair them.

Peggy Emch is a Denver based health writer. After her own struggle with fertility and other health issues, she began researching nutrition and healing. With the help of traditional foods and an active lifestyle she successfully resolved her health problems, got pregnant, and is now raising two healthy Primal girls. She shares her research and experience with others at the popular nutrition and lifestyle blog, The Primal Parent. Her family enjoys bike riding, snowboarding, playing music together, and just about anything fun.

  • TYPE OF BOOK: Paperback
  • PAGE COUNT: 256 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1936608669
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936608669