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Paleo Eats


Kelly Bejelly

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About This Book

101 Comforting Gluten-Free, Grain-Free and Dairy-Free Recipes for the Foodie in You

Paleo Eats is jam-packed with beautifully simple gluten-free and dairy-free recipes that are inspired by the comfort foods you enjoyed pre-Paleo.

With over 100 tempting sweet and savory recipes, from condiments to dessert, this book is both a primer for those new to the Paleo lifestyle and a resource for those who have followed the diet for years. Delicious recipes like Cinnamon Square Crunch, Southern Fried Chicken, Lamb Gyro Burgers, Strawberry Strudels, and Apple Cinnamon Rolls prove that eating Paleo is as fun and delicious as it is healthy. You’ll find something for everyone, whether you’re cooking for a picky eater or tackling the Whole30 or 21-Day Sugar Detox. Best of all, the recipes are easy to make and even easier to love.

Kelly began experimenting with grain-free recipes in an attempt to convince her picky-eater husband that giving up gluten was not a life sentence to a tasteless existence. She discovered the Paleo diet in 2009 when her health was failing. After removing grains, she reversed her diagnoses as Prediabetic, lost 65 lbs. effortlessly and ended her daily battle with anxiety and depression.

Now she shares Paleo comfort-food recipes on her website, A Girl Worth Saving, and proves that you can still enjoy your favorite recipes without grains.

Kelly lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and son.

  • TYPE OF BOOK: Paperback
  • PAGE COUNT: 304 pages
  • ISBN: 9781628600438