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My Paleo Patisserie


Jenni Hulet

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About This Book

An Artisan Approach to Grain Free Baking

My Paleo Patisserie gathers all of the rich heritage, exquisite elegance, and rustic beauty of traditional patisserie baking and seamlessly melds it with the gluten-free and Paleo-inspired diet.

Drawing on over two decades of experience in traditional and modern patisserie baking, Jenni Hulet brings the spirit of patisserie baking alive in this lavishly photographed collection of recipes.

Each section of My Paleo Patisserie introduces and adapts the fundamental elements and techniques of traditional patisserie baking for the grain-free baker. With dozens of beloved culinary standards and hundreds of potential recipe combinations, My Paleo Patisserie is an indispensable resource of creative confectionery for the grain-free baker.

After traveling the world as a child in a missionary family, her tastes and interests were as varied as the cultures she had visited. She developed a love of all things culinary at a very young age and some of her earliest memories are the sounds of the open street market and the smell of garlic and olive oil sizzling in a wok. Having a mother with MS, she has always had a strong desire to help people who are struggling with physical limitations and after attending a yoga class at the local gym, she realized that she had stumbled upon an incredible resource for helping women. She immediately enrolled in yoga training and became a 500 hour yoga instructor.

She married at the age of 23 and when she was pregnant with her first child she realized that there was more to food than just beauty and flavor. It was then that the world of natural foods opened up to her and along with it, a whole new way to help people came into view. Since then she has committed her culinary passions to making beautiful AND nourishing food accessible to anyone who wanted it.

In December of 2010, over the course of two weeks, Jenni went from being an active mother, yoga teacher and chef, to being unable to get out of bed because of uncontrollable pain and muscle spasms. After months of unfruitful examinations and unproductive doctor visits, she feared that all her creative pursuits were over and began to think that she would have to resign herself to a life of pain management. After much soul searching and prayer, hope broke through and a doctor was able to identify an emerging auto-immune condition that, although devastating, could be recovered. Jenni was diagnosed as severely Gluten and Casein intolerant and was put on a strict diet and supplement regimen to heal her ravaged body.

The process of facing down her worst fears and seeing how hope and faith sustained her inspired a new purpose for Jenni’s passions: To bring beauty, flavor, enjoyment, AND freedom from the fear and difficulty of living with health restrictions. It was out of this vision that her blog, The Urban Poser was born. Bringing together her love of culture, her culinary skills, and her compassion for the suffering, The Urban Poser was a way for her to meet the adversity in her life with all the creativity and exuberance she had once thought was gone forever. She continues to pioneer and discover new passions through the difficulty and knows that her story has only just begun to unfold.

  • TYPE OF BOOK: Hardcover
  • PAGE COUNT: 312 pages
  • ISBN: 9781628600445