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Keto Freedom


Meg Doll


Cookbooks, Health

About This Book

Even the best-planned ketogenic diet is destined to fail without the proper mindset. Keto Freedom will open people’s eyes to the single most critical factor that may be holding them back from reaching real health and happiness: self-love.

Paying equal attention to mind, body, and soul, Keto Freedom helps readers embark on an incredible healing journey that begins with self-love, which is the foundation of health—and regrettably is missing from most healing protocols. This book helps unchain readers from a negative self-image, free them from negative self-talk, and allow them to love themselves and truly nourish their bodies. It then details the ways in which fueling the body with healthy fats and eliminating damaging carbs can heal all aspects of a person’s being.

Keto Freedom explains how the ketogenic diet supports clear thinking and boosts brain energy and how eating healthy fat can power people through the struggle of healing. Once mind and body are functioning property, author Meg Doll explains to readers how to love themselves and heal their souls once and for all. The book includes 70 delicious high-fat, low-carb recipes to help jump-start the high-fat healing journey and allow readers to focus on the most important aspect of any diet: loving their bodies and wanting to be their best selves.

Meg Doll is a registered holistic nutritionist and cohost of the popular health podcast The Nourished Podcast. Having battled an eating disorder twice before reaching the age of twenty, she developed a deep understanding of eating disorder recovery, but also of the tools needed to find true health, happiness, and ultimate freedom. Today she specializes in eating disorder recovery and is incredibly passionate about teaching others about the importance of self-love and the process of using a real-food, high-fat approach to support healing.

TYPE OF BOOK: Paperback
PAGE COUNT: 304 pages
ISBN: 978-1628602654