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Dirty Boxing



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for Mixed Martial Arts

Matt “The Law” Lindland is an all-American wrestler and Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling. In Dirty Boxing for Mixed Martial Arts, he unveils for the first time the unorthodox and highly effective system of fighting that carried him to the top of the mixed martial arts mountain.

Lindland provides the tools needed to be proficient in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, and then demonstrates how to tailor these techniques to overwhelm your opponent in MMA competition. He covers fundamental control positions such as the two-one-one, underhook and head control, as well as numerous bone-crushing attacks from each position. Learn your opponent’s most common defenses to your attacks, and then how to use these reactions to launch secondary attacks. Lindland also shows you how to strike your way into the clinch and, once there, he schools you on the art of dirty boxing, striking from close range, and a plethora of throws and takedowns.

Whether you are a wrestler looking to compete in MMA or an MMA fighter looking to sharpen your game, Dirty Boxing for Mixed Martial Arts is the book for you.

Matt Lindland is a Greco-Roman Olympic Silver Medalist and one of the top-ranked mixed martial arts competitors in the world.

Erich Krauss is a professional Muay Thai fighter. He has written for the New York Times and is the author of more than twenty books.

Glen Cordoza is a professional MMA fighter. He is the author of eight books on the sport of MMA, including the best-selling title, Mixed Martial Arts.

  • TYPE OF BOOK: Paperback
  • PAGE COUNT: 260 pages
  • ISBN: 0981504442