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Author: Aileen Caintic-Ong

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PRINT FEATURE: Muscle and Fitness HERS

Know the benefits of ketosis from Dr. Jason Fung M.D., author of The Complete Guide to Fasting and get some delicious recipes from Carolyn Ketchum, author of The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen. ...


Though it sounds like a distant planet or a term from high-school chemistry, the keto (ketogenic) diet is relatively simple. Invented about 100 years ago to reduce seizures in children, the recently repopularized regimen is similar to South Beach and Atkins. Basically, by consuming a lot...

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FREE RECIPES: Craveable Keto Cookbook

The author of "Craveable Keto Cookbook", Kyndra Holley showed Tra' how to make a pork egg roll in a bowl. SOURCE: Print recipe here Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl makes 6 servings · prep time: 10 minutes · cook time: 20 minutes Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl,...

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ONLINE FEATURE: The beginner’s guide to the ketogenic diet

By now, you’ve probably heard that fat is not a healthy eater’s kryptonite. Sure, we may have spent decades believing low-fat diets—usually filled with lots of grains—were totally healthy. But a growing body of research is showing that our bodies need fat to thrive, which explains why...

keto flu
ONLINE FEATURE: What Is the Keto Flu, and How Do You Treat It?

If you’re looking into starting the ketogenic diet, it doesn’t take much research before you encounter the dreaded “keto flu.” Symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches and nausea, can be enough to knock even the most dedicated dieter off the wagon. But before you give this...